Lighted Gyro Wheel

Lighted Gyro Wheel

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Flick your wrist, spin the magnetic wheel, and light up hours of spectral fun!

Spinning around and around the circular tracks on strong, magnetic axles, the centrifugal force ignites the light and the clear plastic glows like a rainbow.

Turn it into a table-top gyroscope by spinning it around and throwing it onto a surface. Pick it back up as it twirls by simply touching the rails to the metal tips of the top.

Gyro Wheel
  • A magnetic wheel that spins around a track and lights up
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, sensory awareness
  • A fascinating gadget - ignites the mind for hours
  • Centrifugal force causes rainbow lights to light up
  • Rides on track with magnets
  • Comes in different colors - magenta, lime green, orange
  • Requires 3 watch batteries (AG13/R44) - Included
  • Made of strong metal and plastic
  • Please Note: Colors are picked randomly - Color selection may NOT be available