Real Bat Skeleton - Economy

Real Bat Skeleton - Economy

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Bats are small mammals that belong to the order Chiroptera. These winged creatures are the only mammals capable of true flight. The predatory bat hunts flying insects by means of echolocation. Bats roost in caves, hollow trees, foliage and in human habitations. Bats are important to humans because they consume many insects and therefore help prevent crop destruction and the spread of some diseases.


  • Real articulated bat skeleton mounted on a wood base
  • Limited quantity item
  • These specimens were not prepared by Skulls Unlimited
  • The photo shown is an example of what your specimen will approximately look like. Each bat skeleton is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, color, etc.
  • Base Length 12.7 cm (5 in.)
  • Base Width 15.2 cm (6 in.)

Please Note:

The Clear Plastic Cover Shipped With The Skeleton Is Intended As Protection For The Skeleton During Shipping. It Is Not Intended As A Permanent Cover Of The Skeleton. Occasionally, These Plastic Cases Arrive Cracked Or Broken.