Real Research Quality Human Fetal Femur - Single

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We believe education is the greatest gift osteology can share and that every human specimen can contribute to the advancement of science. These specimens are provided to us by retired physicians, medical researchers, dental professionals, and former university medical programs. We also work with accredited donor programs. A small sample - often antiques that simply do not qualify for medical/research grade usage - are made available to osteology enthusiasts worldwide so that they may continue to educate and inform.

Humans are a species of bipedal primates that have evolved to become the most intelligent and successful species on the planet. Our biology is incredibly complex and allows us to do things that no other species can. The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones that are connected together by ligaments and muscles. Our skeleton is composed of both hard and soft tissues and is constantly changing to accommodate our needs.


  • Sold individually
  • Sold as-is without further cleaning
  • Limited quantity available
  • The photos shown is are examples of what your specimen will approximately look like. Each femur is unique and will vary in size, shape, color, etc.
  • These femurs will vary in size depending on the age of the specimen; please call our sales team if you need a specific size. 
  • Average Femur Length ranges from 3 to 9 cm. (1.2 to 3.5 in.)