Real Pigeon Skeleton - Economy

Real Pigeon Skeleton - Economy

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The pigeon, originally native to Eurasia, has now been introduced worldwide. The pigeon has adapted to life along side humans very well and can be found in most modern cities. Introduced pigeon populations have caused declines in native bird species due to competition. Today, the pigeon is kept as a pet and is hunted for sport and food, but is generally considered a pest by most of humanity.


  • This display features a real articulated pigeon skeleton mounted on a wood base
  • Limited quantity item
  • These specimens were not prepared by Skulls Unlimited
  • The photo shown is an example of what your specimen will approximately look like. Each pigeon skeleton is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, color, etc.
  • Base Length 12.7 cm (5 in.)
  • Base Width 12.7 cm (5 in.)

Please Note:

The Clear Plastic Cover Shipped With The Skeleton Is Intended As Protection For The Skeleton During Shipping. It Is Not Intended As A Permanent Cover Of The Skeleton. Occasionally, These Plastic Cases Arrive Cracked Or Broken.