Replica Nile Crocodile Skull

Replica Nile Crocodile Skull

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The Nile Crocodile is native to the river systems of tropical and southern Africa. This large crocodilian can weigh up to 2000lbs (900kg) and grow to a length of 20 feet (6m). This carnivore preys on mammals when they come to drink, submerging at the water's edge and attacking in ambush. Smaller crocodiles will also feed on fish, birds, and other reptiles. This skull is truly a giant example of the species.


Product Type: Replica

Product Material: High-quality Polyurethane resin

  • Skull Length: 73cm (28.7in)
  • Skull Width: 43.2cm (17in)
  • Skull Height: 26.7cm (10.5in)
Origin: Africa
Product of Bone Clones

Please be advised that this product is made to order and therefore may require additional lead time. The average production lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks. For further information about the availability of this item, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-659-SKULL.