Special Request - Frozen Feline Cadaver Specimens

Special Request - Frozen Feline Cadaver Specimens

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Skulls Unlimited's frozen feline and canine cadavers are a valuable educational tool for veterinary students and practitioners. They provide a realistic, hands-on learning experience for practicing procedures and techniques such as surgeries, necropsies, dissections, and tissue sampling. Utilizing cadavers allows students to develop and refine their skills in a controlled environment before working on live animals.

Please be aware of the following stipulations:

Specimens are only available to veterinarians and educational institutions. Specimens are shipped via Priority Overnight THREE WEEKS from the date of purchase.

Our cadaver shipping schedule is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only. This product can only be shipped to addresses within the United States and cannot be delivered to a residence.

While we will do our best to accommodate special requests, some specifications (such as dentition quality, size, age, etc.) cannot be guaranteed. If you have certain requirements, please make us aware of them in the "Special Instructions" box on the checkout page, or call us at 405-794-9300 to place your order directly with our sales team.

  • All specimens are shipped fresh and frozen with no chemical preservatives
  • The size option is only available for full-body specimens
  • Your preferred delivery date option may not be guaranteed. Saturday delivery may be available in your area; please call our sales team for arrangements
  • Specimens cannot be delivered on Sundays or Mondays